Why NOW, More Than Ever , We Need Nature Education

                      Why  Now, More Than Ever, We Need Nature                            Earth’s Green Guardians                      An Earth Education Programme that empowers youth to make a difference and protect the Planet as they mindfully reconnect with nature, restore habitat, and prepare for the green economy of the future.    1.  To advance the education of the public in the conservation of natural resources and the protection and improvement of the natural environment by promoting long term sustainability and biodiversity.  2. Advancing the education of the public as to the benefits of using renewable energy by e                                                                                             Reconnect                      Restore                  Prepare “You and I and the snowdrops are part of the same system.” Sir David Attenborough                 Why do we need Earth’s Green Guardians?                                                     Covid-19 and Climate B

Restore for Victory

                                     Remembrance Day, Do We Remember the Earth?! We have just finished celebrating a Day of Remembrance where we honoured all veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  In my mind, the war continues, the casualties are still mounting.  We have lived our lives as if we are at war with the Earth!  We try to capture its resources for our desires, demolish any natural obstacles to our insatiable appetites and march to the orders of profits, as if there is no tomorrow.  This unconscious Earth War has resulted in a man-made Climate Emergency and has placed people and all of Earth’s ecosystems at risk.  We now realise, the enemy is us.   I think of all the species that have made the ultimate sacrifice to provide us with a unsustainable economy.  Now is the time to Remember the Earth! It’s time for a ‘Restore for Victory’ Decade. Coincidentally, we have just wrapped up COP 26, a clarion call for action for the Planet’s sake. Yes, this does

Greetings from Oy. What Does it Mean to Connect?

 Greetings Earth's Green Guardians, I'm thrilled to be able to share some ways that you can live lightly on our beautiful Planet Earth, shared by all living things.  We all know the Earth is in big trouble and human behaviour has a lot to do with it.  I am not hear to blame, shame or frighten.  I'm here to unite to make a difference while we still have time.  We can do this if we learn to Connect Mindfully with nature, Restore habitat, Prepare for Green Jobs and Protect the planet everyday by the way we live and the choices we make. My fellow Piskies of Bluebell Dell have been walking in balance on the Earth for thousands of years.  We have noticed our habitat has been shrinking steadly and feel now is the time to speak up.  We also know that nature can teach us so much if we listen.  In fact, we've learned that we are all part of nature, not seperate or superior. We also know technology can help us communicate so we can reach as wide an audience as possible.  My fellow